La Boqueria is our love letter to Hispanic food. We draw inspiration from our favourite street markets around the world like ceviche from Peru, tacos from Mexico, tapas from Spain, traditional meats on coals on our asado, kabobs coal-baked in our Bertha or feasts like wholefish and paella cooked in our wood-fired oven

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We work with producers who focus on vineyards and farming sustainably (spray to cure not prevent), organically or bio-dynamically. When in the cellar, using minimal intervention, therefore allowing us the opportunity to serve you wines which are vibrant with life and that have SOUL. A true reflection of Terroir. Many of the wines sourced are produced in small batches, and we only receive an allocation of between 6 and 24 bottles.
Our list is unconventional and ever changing. As South Africa is currently recognised as one of the most exciting wine producing countries in the world, we strive to bring these wines to our customers, so that they are afforded the opportunity to taste and enjoy the undiscovered treasures of our winelands. Because we encourage our customers to try something different with each visit, we have designed our wine list according to style, making it easier to discover new wines. Wine should be exciting, not daunting…. So come wine with us a little or perhaps a lot.


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